‘Tis the Season: by Miss J.

The holidays are just around the corner, and although this year may look very different than years past, the magic of the season will still no doubt be all around.  I am a giver by nature and love to shower my family and friends with “all the things” during this time.  However, I also love everything to have a place and when all “giftees” gift back to my family, I end up completely overwhelmed. The act of preparing and presenting presents is all the hype for me, and so I have begun to think outside of the box.  

For the past several years, we have jumped on the experience bandwagon, gifting our children tickets to shows, fancy dinners, and family trips.  This year, we have found some great live shows to stream at home and will be watching them from the safe haven of our own couch. (Check out the Tran-Siberian Orchestra, Hip Hop Nutcracker, and the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train sites to find information about the shows they are putting out over the holidays!)  I made the “tickets” and am adding some comfy PJ’s, and aprons for baking a special dinner together to really pull the whole package together.

I have learned not everything for Christmas needs to be brand new.  I rotate our books by season and decided to use the winter ones as a sort of advent calendar for December.  I wrap up twenty-five books, number each one, then put them in a basket.  Each night at bedtime, we take turns unwrapping one of the books and read it together as a family.  This has become one of my absolute favorite traditions. 

Additionally, I have linked a great blog post that talks about a five-gift rule and how this can positively impact your children.  It’s a great read and really emphasizes the simplicity the Montessori mindset can bring to the season.

Whatever your gift giving strategies and preferences may be, know that spending time with your child and making the most of every moment is what they will remember in the years to come. 

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “Doesn’t come from a store.”

“Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

– The Grinch