Celebrating 20 Years of Montessori Education

LMSS is celebrating 20 years of Montessori education in the La Crescent community, and we couldn’t be more proud. Before the school year began, staff decided that the 20th year anniversary needed to be a celebration that lasted the whole year. So, they worked on ideas, and planned special events for our students that would last throughout the 2019-2020 school year. We are now just over half way through the year, and we wanted to take a moment, and share with you all the cool and exciting things we have done in honor of this milestone. 

We began with creating a couple of categories. Those categories included: Special Events, Organizations/Experts to Partner with, and Field Trips. We wanted to celebrate our 20 years by bringing in, or participating in 20 from each specific category.

For our first category: Events, we kicked off the year right away. Students and parents participated in the Applefest parade, handing out pencils, and sharing our anniversary by hanging a 20th edition banner from our tractor and wagon entry. The kids really enjoy this parade, and being able to share our school with all the towns’ visitors. This year, they did such an amazing job, they placed 2nd in the Youth division. Just a few days later, students were treated to apples, bananas and juice donated by Van Lin Orchards and Kwik Trip to celebrate the 20th day of school. The PR committee (and parents of LMSS) organized a Chamber Mixer, where local businesses were invited to come into the building, take a tour and get to know our staff and philosophy. AP students organized a New Student Welcome Lunch, helping to ease the transition of new students in the middle of the year. Other events that we have so far participated in: Walk to School Day, Great Apple Crunch, Peace Poster Contest, Mama Mia, Reverse Flash Mob, Coffee & Scrams and the Fall Formal. LMSS was also recognized at the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Annual meeting with a plaque celebrating 20 years of innovation as a Minnesota public charter school. With the remaining months left, we are on track to completing 20 events for our 20th year!

LMSS enjoys the ability to connect our students with real world experts, by inviting professionals into our building so they may share their expertise with our students. So far this year, we have had: Mr. Alex, from the Salvation Army; Mr. Nick from Nicholas Martial Arts; Ms.Susan from the La Crescent Food Shelf; Mr. Luke from the LGTBQ Community; Mr. Wolcott and Mr. Perry for special music lessons; Ms. Nikki from La Crosse Dance Theater, Author Audrey Alfson to discuss creative writing; Ms. Daisy and Ms. Beatty who performed several classical pieces; Viterbo Nurses sharing their knowledge of health and safety, as well as Mr. Ramaker to share his knowledge and excitement for his impending Iditarod Race. 

Field trips are another great way to provide students with real hands on experiences. Trips our students have participated in include: The Nutcracker, Deaf Ear Records, Love Child, Five 7 Gym, La Crosse Queen, West Salem Corn Maze, Quillins, La Crescent Library, Flash Mob at Walmart, Whitewater State Park camping, and the La Crescent Fire Department.  Plans are in place to send students to: The Giver, Snowy Day, Recycled Percussion, Steve Trash, Eagle Bluff, Downtown Walkaround, and Migratory Bird Day.

If you have any questions about any of the above events or experts, please reach out to us for more information. You can also check out our Facebook page, where pictures and short descriptions accompany most, if not all, of the listed events/people. 

So far, this year has been a fun and exciting adventure. We look forward to the second half of the school year with more experts, more field trips, and more learning!