Hidden Letters, Corn Mazes, Scavenger Hunts…Oh My!!

Children’s House had the privilege of going to the Hidden Trails Corn Maze in West Salem with the E1 students. During our field trip we shared some firsts together! Some of us experienced riding a school bus for the first time! For some, this was their first experience at a corn maze! Students had a wonderful time walking through the corn maze trying to find all the hidden letters and numbers scattered throughout the maze to complete a puzzle.

After the maze, students had the opportunity to either complete another scavenger hunt or play in the playground. For those students who completed the second scavenger hunt, their task was to find the animals that ate Farmer Brown’s wife’s cherry pie. Students had to re-enter the corn maze, but this time look for posts that had the guilty animal prints on it. During this extra scavenger hunt, students learned how easy it is to get turned around in the maze! They learned this when they ended up going the same direction multiple times.

Please enjoy some of the selected photos of our trip to the Corn Maze!

Students, staff and chaperons before going into the corn maze. 

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Students after finding all of the hidden letters in the maze.

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A pile of hay

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Students going through the hay maze that was in the play yard.

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