Emotions, Mindfulness, and Archery in AP Interim Courses

This week started an exciting couple of weeks for the AP community as students are in their first choice interim session. Core class units are alternated with interim sessions throughout the year. Interim classes are akin to an intense elective course! Courses offered this session are Alternative Mindfulness, National Archery in Schools Program (N.A.S.P.) Archery, and Understanding Human Emotions.

An 8th grade student in the archery interim says, “It’s really fun because you get to shoot bows in school. I’m learning about the mechanics of archery.” Instructor Mr. Wahl (AP Math Guide) is integrating math and physics into the course to deepen understanding of the sport. Mrs. Runningen (AP Language Arts Guide) is integrating history and culture in the course. Students will be researching and presenting final presentations on an aspect of archery.

Miss Kate is leading Understanding Human Emotions. A 10th grade student in her class shared, “We are learning about what parts of the brain contribute to which emotions.” Students have been working on researching one aspect of the brain they are interested in and creating a presentation to share with the class.

Miss G (AP Science Guide) is leading the course Alternative Mindfulness. According to an 8th grade student in her class, “In Alternative Mindfulness, we are learning how to be mindful but not quiet. The class has been fun, we are going to be cooking, doing scream painting, and rage yoga!” Students are enjoying looking at different ways they can connect to their inner thoughts!